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Stop COVID-19 video challenge launched | Business Financial Times Online

by Ghana News

Stop Coronavirus Ghana, a campaign to prevent the spread of the virus, has launched a ‘StopCovid19 Ghana Video Challenge’, as part of its awareness activities in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 in Ghana.

The goal of the Stop COVID-19 Ghana Challenge is to highlight and raise awareness on COVID-19 Good Hygiene & Social Distancing measures, recommended by health authorities.

Stop CoronaVirus Ghana Campaign Coordinator Stephen Gyasi-Kwaw, is therefore, making a special appeal to celebrities, digital influencers, corporate organisations, diplomats in Ghana, political leaders, religious leaders and the general public to join in this challenge to drive awareness on COVID-19 Prevention Measures & Social Distancing.

How to Participate in the Challenge:

  1. Select two (2) or three (3) COVID-19 recommended good hygiene and social distancing measures from StopCOVID19Ghana.org or www.ghanahealthservice.org/covid19/
  2. Record a 2-minute video of yourself highlighting at least two (2) good hygiene or social distancing measures that you are using. Tell us HOW and WHY you are protecting yourself from COVID-19. We encourage you to record your video in English or a local Ghanaian language you are comfortable with.
  3. Keep it natural, simple and clear, but get creative! Here are some messaging prompts to use or adapt:

At the beginning of your video:  Mention that you are participating in the Stop COVID-19 Ghana Video Challenge

After sharing your good hygiene and social distancing tips: Invite 3-5 other people to join the challenge – mention their names. E.g.“I challenge Amma Fuseini to join the Stop COVID-19 Ghana Video challenge”

At the end of the video: Call the public to action with this message: “How are you protecting yourself from COVID19? Are you social distancing? Create your own video and let us know what you are doing to #StopCOVID19gh. Join the campaign at StopCOVID19Ghana.org.

  1. Upload your video to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and publish with the hashtags #StopCOVID19Gh, #COVID19Ghana and #Ghana.
  2. Make sure you tag @StopCOVID19Gh (FB) or @StopCOVID19.Gh (Twitter, IG) on your post – also tag the friends you challenged and share your video with them.
  3. The Stop CoronaVirus Ghana Campaign team will review video submissions for reposting on our various channels.

“Together we can combat the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ghana. Act now to save lives,” Gyasi-Kwaw said. Vitsit www.stopcovid19ghana.org for more information about Stop Coronavirus Ghana.

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