Bernice Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitiser safe for use

The Food and Drugs Authority (FBA) has said the Bernice Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitiser brand is safe for use by the public following some alarm raised over the content of the product.

There was a viral video on social media suggesting that this brand of hand sanitiser contained harmful amounts of acid.

A man is seen pouring the sanitiser on a piece of clothing which appears to have suffered damage because of the product.

The FDA subsequently dispatched its market surveillance team to gather samples of the product.

“The samples were all tested and found to be compliant with Test Parameters for sanitisers,” it said in a statement.

The parameters tested included NET content, PH, alcohol content, visible impurities, and presence of Methanol.

According to the FDA, Bernice Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitiser “has passed all tests and as such is safe for use.”

The incident in said video has also been reported to the Kasoa Police for investigations.

Meanwhile, the Authority has asked the general public to check its official website and social media pages frequently for the updated list of all registered sanitisers in the country.

Below is the statement from FDA


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