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6 edible flowers you must know


1. 6 edible flowers you must have this spring!

Flowers are what makes spring a beautiful season. The colours and the scent they spread around us makes us feel fresh and happy. But did you know there are edible flowers which not only spread cheer through their colour and scent but also add subtle flavours to the food and make the food look more appetizing? Here are 10 such flowers which you can add to your spring food!

2. Lavender

Known for its relaxation properties, Lavender flowers have a sweet perfume with a hint of citrus flavor. From soups to sorbets and bakery items, lavender blends well with most of the foods.

3. Hibiscus

The multi-coloured cranberry flavoured flowers have a hint of mint and are perfect for making tea during this season.


The tiny yellow flowers of fennel have a soft licorice flavour. The advantage of these flowers is that you can use it for both sweet and sour dishes.

5. Cilantro

The new-age coriander or also known as Chinese parsley, Cilantro has been one of the favourite garnishing flavours across the globe. The white flowers of the plant also have similar flavour that you experience in the cilantro leaves. Toss it to your salad or veggies and embrace the freshness of the season.

6. Chamomile

Widely associated with tea, the taste of Chamomile flowers is known to most of us. It is sweet and relaxing in flavours and look beautiful too. Add it to your salads or use for garnishing, these flowers are a must-have this season.

7. Basil

One of the most popular flavours in Asian food is Basil. The tiny purple flowers have a mild flavour of Basil with a hint of mint. Add some freshness to your pasta, soup or pizza by adding Basil flowers and welcome the spring.

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