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GNAT members in Takoradi benefits miLife Insurance policy


As confusion rocks the GES-SIC Insurance policy with several teachers asking to be taken out, miLife Insurance, which is a life insurance solution administered by GNAT and underwritten by miLife Insurance, has rather paid its 60th death claim of GHc21,500 to the next of kin of deceased Samuel Agyeman, a member of the Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT, who contributed three month for the life insurance  policy.

At a presentation of a cheque to family of the deceased contributor at Diabene, a suburb of the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis, the Western Regional Secretary of GNAT, Nicholas Taylor, told Citi News that the association realized that some of the teachers had not subscribed to any insurance policy hence the need for the teachers to join the insurance policy.

“Although there has been misconception created in certain circles about insurance, when it comes to payment of claims, we partnered with miLife and it has been smooth so far. miLife is real and we have to get all the association members to join to get the needed benefits of every contribution they make which is GHc33.00 every month and if you are able to pay for three months, you are qualified to take GHc21,500, just like what we are observing”, he said.

The Assistant General Manager in charge of Business Development at miLife, Insurance Kwabena Nketsia, explained that GNAT and miLife have been in partnership since 2017 providing a simple life insurance solution to cover total permanent disability and death.

He said the life insurance policy for GNAT members is currently opened to all teaching and non-teaching staff of the association and urged all members to register with miLife and emphasized the importance of insurance.

“Insurance helps in any unforeseen circumstance. Under this policy, GHc21,500 is paid to the beneficiaries of a covered GNAT member upon his or her death and that disability benefit is also paid to members upon total permanent disability from accident or illness. Hundred percent of premiums paid are reimbursed upon the retirement or exit from GNAT and 100% of premiums are refunded if there is no claim during the 10-year term of the policy,” he said.

Mr. Nketsia added that miLife insurance has paid a total of GHS 1,191,820 as death claims to the beneficiaries of 59 deceased GNAT members and GHS132,536  as exit and retirement benefit to 337 exited and retired members.

The Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan Director of the Ghana Education Service, GES, Mrs. Elizabeth Akuoko, who witnessed the presentation of a cheque of GHc21,500 to the relatives of deceased Samuel Agyeman praised miLife Insurance for the prompt payment of the claim.

“I am impressed and will encourage everyone to involve him or herself with the GNAT insurance policy that will yield fruitful result. This cheque is not for funeral celebrations, it should be invested in the education of the children for a brighter future,” she said.

Akwasi Annim | citinewsroom.com | Ghana

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