Home HEALTH How to live longer: Add avocado to diet to avoid early death

How to live longer: Add avocado to diet to avoid early death

How to live longer: Add avocado to diet to avoid early death

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Eating a healthy balanced diet, including at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, could lower the risk of an early death, according to the NHS.

You could also boost your lifespan by doing regular exercise. It’s the ‘miracle cure’ we’ve all been waiting for, it added.

Small dietary or lifestyle changes could help to lower your risk of an early death.

Eating avocados could help you to live longer, nutritionists have revealed.

Avocados could boost your life expectancy as they reduce cholesterol and improve prostate health, said dietitian Juliette Kellow and nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer.

They’re packed full of healthy fats, and even have an anti-ageing effect, they said.

Everyone should aim to eat about two avocados every week for the largest health benefits.

“Creamy and delicious, avocados are loaded with good fats that lower cholesterol and protect against wrinkles,” they said, in their book ‘Eat Better Live Longer – Understand What Your Body Needs To Stay Healthy’.

“They are also packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals that help with everything from keeping eyes healthy to regulating blood pressure.

“Eat half an avocado three to four times a week. Although avocados have many health benefits, remember that they are high in calories.

Adding avocado to your diet lowers the total amount of cholesterol in your body, while maintaining the ‘good’ cholesterol.

The heart-healthy benefits are most likely caused by its monounsaturated fat content.

“Avocados also contain heart-friendly phytosterols such as beta-sitosterol, which help to lower blood cholesterol levels.”

For men, eating more of the fruit could even help to protect against prostate cancer – the most common cancer to be diagnosed in men.

Lutein -which is found in avocados – reduces the growth of prostate cancer cells by 25 per cent, scientists have claimed.

When looking for avocado in the supermarket, look for those with an unblemished skin, said the nutritionists.

Those with a slightly longer neck – as opposed to a rounded top – are likely to be more flavoursome.

The fruit is also best eaten raw. To check if they’re ripe, give them a gentle squeeze. If it yields slightly, it’s ready for eating.

You could also live longer by making sure you’re always topped up on enough water.

All woman should aim to drink at least 1.6 litres of water every day, while men should drink at least two litres.

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